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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Florent Schmitt - Crépuscules; Ombres; Enfants (Laurent Wagschal)

Composer: Florent Schmitt
  1. Crépuscules, Op. 56: I. Sur un vieux petit cimetière
  2. Crépuscules, Op. 56: II. Neige
  3. Crépuscules, Op. 56: III. Sylphides
  4. Crépuscules, Op. 56: IV. Solitude
  5. Ombres, Op. 64: I. J'entends dans le lointain
  6. Ombres, Op. 64: II. Mauresque
  7. Ombres, Op. 64: III. Cette ombre, mon image
  8. 2 Mirages, Op. 70: I. Et Pan, au fond des blés lunaires, s'accouda
  9. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): I. De chœur
  10. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): II. De troupe
  11. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): III. Gâté
  12. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): IV. Turbulent
  13. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): V. Do
  14. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): VI. Moustique
  15. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): VII. Moïse (sauvé des eaux)
  16. Enfants, Op. 94 (arr. for piano): VIII. Terrible

Laurent Wagschal, piano
Date: 2005
Label: Timpani

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Florent Schmitt (28 September 1870 – 17 August 1958) was a French composer. He was part of the group known as Les Apaches. At the age of 19 he entered the Paris Conservatoire, where he studied with Gabriel Fauré, Jules Massenet, Théodore Dubois, and Albert Lavignac. Schmitt wrote 138 works with opus numbers. His most famous pieces are La tragédie de Salome and Psaume XLVII (Psalm 47). His own style, recognizably impressionistic, owed something to the example of Debussy, though it had distinct traces of Wagner and Richard Strauss also.


Laurent Wagschal (born 8 February 1972 in Lyon) is a French pianist. Wagschal studied at the Conservatoire d'Annecy with Elisabeth Thibout and at the Conservatoire de Paris with teachers such as Yvonne Loriod, Michel Béroff and Christian Ivaldi. One of the most original pianist of his generation, Laurent Wagschal is recognized as a fervent interpreter of French music and an ardent defender of unknown compositions.


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