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Georg Philipp Telemann - Overtures & Concertos


Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
  • (01-07) Suite (Ouverture) in A minor for recorder, strings & basso continuo, TWV 55:a2
  • (08-11) Concerto in E minor for recorder, transverse flute, strings & basso continuo, TWV 52:e1
  • (12-15) Concerto in G major for viola, strings & basso continuo, TWV 51:G9
  • (16-24) Ouverture des "Nations Anciens et Modernes" in G major for strings & continuo, TWV55:G4

Frans Brüggen, recorder (1-11)
Franz Vester, transverse flute (8-11)
Gustav Leonhardt, harpsichord (8-24)
Chamber Orchestra of Amsterdam
André Rieu, conductor (8-11, 16-24)
Concerto Amsterdam
Frans Brüggen, conductor (12-15)
Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester
Friedrich Tilegant, conductor (1-7)

Date: 1962, 1969
Compilation: 2001
Label: APEX (original on Teldec)



It is hard to see the point in reissuing some recordings of baroque music made two or three decades ago, except perhaps as historical curiosities, but those on this disc are not 'some of those some'. These are middle-of-the-road performances on modern instruments and at present-day concert pitch, but they are full of energy, expressiveness and a grasp of proper style that demonstrates how far some bands were then ahead of others on the trail towards 'authenticity'. The strings are played with neither 'flat-faced' caution nor anachronistic intensity, and the solo contributions are most rewarding. Bruggen and Vester make an enchanting pair of turtle doves in the Double Concerto, and Doctor lavishes warm affection on the Viola Concerto.

Telemann didn't invent eclecticism but he was a remarkable exponent of it: the Ouverture des Nations: anciens et modernes has an overture of mixed French and Italian blood, two French minuets, three pairs of dances ('ancient' and 'modern') representing his view of Germans, Swedes and Danes, and a final portrayal of ''Les vieilles femmes'', chromatically sighing—perhaps too old to enjoy the preceding dances. The sound is clear and bright, as is the spirit in which the music is played, and the absence of any other recording of the Viola Concerto and the Ouverture des Nations adds to the attraction of this disc for all friends of the amiable Telemann.

-- John Duarte, Gramophone


Georg Philipp Telemann (14 March 1681 – 25 June 1767) was a German Baroque composer and multi-instrumentalist. Telemann was one of the most prolific composers in history (more than 3000 pieces) and was considered by his contemporaries to be one of the leading German composers of the time alongside the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. Telemann's music incorporates several national styles (French, Italian) and is even at times influenced by Polish popular music. He remained at the forefront of all new musical tendencies and his music is an important link between the late Baroque and early Classical styles.


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