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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Joachim Raff - Works for Violin and Orchestra (Tobias Ringborg; Andrea Quinn) mp3


Composer: Joachim Raff
  • (01-03) La fée d’amour, morceau caractéristique de concert, Op. 67
  • (04-08) Suite for Solo Violin and Orchestra, Op. 180
  • (09-11) Violin Concerto No. 1 in B minor, Op. 161 (ed. Nordstern)

Tobias Ringborg, violin
Norrlands Opera Symphony Orchestra
Andrea Quinn, conductor

Date: 2007
Label: Sterling



Raff's vast musical legacy continues to be unfolded and this disc is the latest revelation. Its unifying element is the specification of violin solo with orchestra.

We start with La fée d'amour. It's a three movement piece with the delicacy of Berlioz, the dash of Lalo and the romantic fluency of Saint-Saëns’ concert-pieces. Ringborg is kept constantly engaged sustaining the fire-hose pressure of trhe composer’s romantic fleuve. The work has the air of the much later Glazunov Violin Concerto with ardour cooling for the Bruch-style central episode. It is stepped up again in a flutter of Massenet and Tchaikovsky in the final silvery-iridescent Vivace.

The Suite for violin and orchestra is in five baroque-titled movements. The titles may be baroque but there is little of the neo-baroque in this. Raff's spectacles are firmly romantic era although he does peer over them for the Minuetto and the Aria both of which have a slightly stronger flavour of the baroque era. The final moto perpetuo  looks towards Leipzig and Mendelssohn’s violin concerto and octet, to Lange-Muller and further forward to Sibelius's Humoresques.

Raff wrote sixteen works for solo violin between 1853 and 1882. Of these four were full concertos written variously for Sarasate, David, Vieuxtemps and Joachim. The singing of the 1870 First Concerto op. 161 is irresistibly bound up with the concertos by Bruch and Tchaikovsky. The pressure on the soloist rarely lets up. Ringborg with his saturated fleshy tone squares up to the challenge and does so with affirmative success. It is interesting to note one or two pre-echoes of the Elgar concerto as well. Only the allegro trionfale strikes a false note in its triumphant Imperial pomp.

For years the First Concerto was known only in the version by August Wilhelmj. The present recording uses Raff's only original edition rescued by chance by the Sibley Library at the Eastman School of Music.

All three of these rare works are luminously recorded and performed and as usual they are spectacularly well documented. Don't hesitate if your taste is for the romantic violin concerto in the heritage of Bruch, Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky.

-- Rob BarnettMusicWeb International


Joachim Raff (May 27, 1822 – June 24 or June 25, 1882) was a German-Swiss composer, teacher and pianist. He worked as Liszt's assistant at Weimar from 1850 to 1853, helping in the orchestration of several of Liszt's works. From 1878 he was the first Director of, and a teacher at, the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt, where he employed Clara Schumann and a number of other eminent musicians as teachers. His pupils there included Edward MacDowell and Alexander Ritter. Raff was very prolific, and by the end of his life was one of the best known German composers, though his work is largely forgotten today.


Tobias Ringborg (born 2 November 1973 in Stockholm) is a Swedish violinist and conductor. He is one of the most prolific musical talents to emerge from Sweden in recent years. His career started in 1994 when he, as a violinist, won the prestigious Swedish Soloist Prize. As a violinist, Ringborg is an active champion of Swedish music, and his discography includes about twenty CDs with chamber music and violin concertos, mostly by Swedish composers. He plays a Gagliano violin, on loan from the Järnåker foundation of the Royal Academy of Music.


Andrea Quinn (born December 22, 1964) is a British conductor. She studied conducting at The Royal Academy of Music, with Colin Metters, George Hurst and John Carewe. Quinn has worked with several of Great Britain’s leading orchestras and numerous orchestras abroad. Quinn was Music Director of The Royal Ballet at Covent Garden, London (1998-2001), New York City Ballet, USA (2001-2006) and Norrlands Operan, Sweden (2005-2009). Her tenure at Norrlands Operan featured innovative programming with an emphasis on contemporary works.


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