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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Various Composers - Canciones Argentinas (Bernarda Fink)


  1. Carlos Guastavino - Encantamiento
  2. Carlos Guastavino - Campanilla, ¿adónde vas?
  3. Carlos Guastavino - Pampamapa
  4. Carlos Guastavino - Préstame tu pañuelito
  5. Luis Gianneo - Seis Coplas
  6. Abel Fleury - Cruzando tu olvido / Camino de tu recuerdo
  7. Carlos López Buchardo - Canción del carretero
  8. Carlos López Buchardo - Canción de Perico
  9. Carlos López Buchardo - Si lo hallas…
  10. Carlos López Buchardo - Vidala
  11. Carlos López Buchardo - Jujeña
  12. Carlos López Buchardo - Prendiditos de la mano
  13. Angel E. Lasala - Tropilla de estrellas
  14. Astor Piazzolla - Los pájaros perdidos
  15. Astor Piazzolla - Jacinto Chiclana
  16. Astor Piazzolla - El títere
  17. Manuel Gómez Carrillo - Huainito
  18. Floro M. Ugarte - Caballito criollo
  19. Manuel Gómez Carrillo - La ofrenda del trovador
  20. Alberto Williams - Milonga calabacera
  21. Manuel Gómez Carrillo - Bailecito cantado
  22. Carlos Guastavino - Las puertas de la mañana
  23. Carlos Guastavino - Abismo de sed
  24. Carlos Guastavino - Mi viña de Chapanay
  25. Carlos Guastavino - El sampedrino
  26. Carlos Guastavino - Pueblito, mi pueblo…

Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano
Marcos Fink, baritone
Carmen Piazzini, piano

Date: 2006
Label: Harmonia Mundi




Here’s a recital that explores a long-neglected corner of art music: the nationalist movement in Argentina that flowered from about 1900 on. It absorbed into classical forms the folk-based popular music whose rhythms and melodies inspired a new sound. The result, judging from this survey of 26 songs by nine composers–including the ubiquitous Astor Piazzolla–is a thoroughly enjoyable collection, lightweight but with a Latin-American panache that becomes infectious long before the final track is reached.

Argentine-born mezzo Bernarda Fink sings on all but nine, which are taken by her brother, Marcos Fink, who also joins her in six duets. He sports a firm bass-baritone with a pleasing timbre. Both singers have the idiom down pat, and their accompanist, pianist Carmen Piazzini, spurs them along with a sure command of the rhythms and melodic lines that don’t come easily to most conservatory-trained musicians. Piazzini shines especially in her well-characterized, sparkling preludes, such as the one to Ugarte’s Caballito criollo, a song about a little horse that climbed the Andes (I told you these are folk-based).

Along with the little horse that could, there are songs about the joys and pains of love, wine, the beauty of the countryside, and other familiar subjects. Sometimes, as in the nostalgic Campanilla, donde vas? by Guastavino, we can hear a hint of the German lied; and the French cabaret style rears its head in Gomez Carillo’s duet, La ofrenda del trovador. While the term “salon music” fits most of these songs, there’s more depth in Piazzolla’s pair set to texts by Borges.

The performances are first rate; both of the Fink siblings sing with spirit and walk the difficult line between folk and classical influences without erring on one side or the other. As usual with Harmonia Mundi, this is a top-notch production. The engineering is well-balanced and alive, the booklet notes informative, and full texts and translations are given. Too bad though that there’s no information about the participants. Bernarda Fink is a known (and very welcome) quantity from her recordings, which include Orfeo in Rene Jacobs’ superb recording of Gluck’s Orfeo & Euridice, but Marcos Fink and Carmen Piazzini are new to me. I wouldn’t advise listening to all 26 songs in a single sitting, but helpings of five or six at a time are a great way to start or finish a listening session. [5/30/2006]

-- Dan Davis, ClassicsToday


Bernarda Fink Inzko (born 29 August 1955 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine mezzo-soprano. Fink studied at the "Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón" in Buenos Aires. She won First Prize at the Nuevas Voces Líricas competition in 1985 and then moved to Europe. Bernarda Fink has sung with many European leading orchestras and has performed under the baton of well-known conductors. She has performed at the opera houses and theaters all over the world and has recorded for Harmonia Mundi and Hyperion. Fink received the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 2005


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